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Water Tight End

4" to 60" diameter available in 20' length

Plain End

12" to 60" diameter available in 20' length

12" to 36" diameter available in 30' length 

      Durability and service life: Eagle Corr PE is made out of HDPE, one of the most chemically inert plastics, and therefore is extremely resistant to chemical attack and corrosion, as well as abrasion, gouging and scratching. Eagle Corr PE: Resists the corrosive effects of soils and effluents with a pH range from a very acidic 1.5 to a very caustic 14. It is often specified in acidic or alkaline native soil conditions. It is expect to significantly exceed 100 years’ design service life. It features dual crown corrugation for greater pipe stiffness values.

      Water Tight JointsThe design of Eagle Corr PE (Dual Wall) pipe makes for a superior HDPE watertight connection. Eagle Corr PE features a heavy integral bell and dual gasket spigot. It achieves 10.8 psi when tested in the laboratory in accordance with ASTM D3212. It results in less chance for pipe infiltration with 20-foot sections and watertight joints.


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      Pacific Corrugated HDPE Pipes 

      Spring 2018